The purpose of George Washington Today is to influence everyone on earth – and maybe highly intelligent mammals, too (what am I saying – let’s also aim for amoebas(!) – well, the purpose is to influence everyone who will listen, at least, to understand what the ideals of George Washington are, and to help George Washington’s ideals remind us that nobility doesn’t have to be a cringeworthily dorky idea, as our modern culture sometimes makes it seem…

It starts with…(cringe, cringe)…character…(Just saying that word makes me want to turn on some rap music LOUD….wait a minute – does rap music have to be…y’know…like it always was? Hmm…think…think…)

Get the Book That Changes Lives

The Education of George Washington

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A copy of The Education of George Washington in every secondary school library in America.


You say why, I say…


Workin’ on it. Stay in touch, here. Thanks.


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GeorgeWashington.Today (George Washington Today) is a non-profit project set up to carry on where The Education of George Washington left off.

The Education of George Washington is “The best book ever written about the Father of Our Country“, according to Rooftop Reviews, while being enthusiastically endorsed by Mount Vernon’s most storied president, Jim Rees, as well as Dr. Theodore Crackel, Emeritus Editor of The George Washington Papers Project at Mount Vernon. However, The Education of George Washington’s main intended audience, unfortunately, is more interested in Twitter, even than in”A winning book worth every penny spent on it. I would read it again in a heartbeat if I had the time.” (Cheryl C,

The purpose of GeorgeWashington.Today is to bring the message of the book, and the message of the real American values that once made America and Americans heroes in the eyes of the world, to the widest possible audience, through media, as well as through events, both for and around the world.

Please donate generously. Thank you.

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