Why Can’t I Say “Negro”? Charlie Hebdo and MLK

Why Can’t I say “Negro?” And Why My European-African-American Friend Doesn’t Qualify for a United Negro College Fund Scholarship Why can’t I say “Negro”? Martin Luther King wanted a society in which we are judged by the content of our character. Why should I be afraid to use a specific word because of the color […]

What Would George Washington Think of Washington (DC)

What would George Washington think of Washington DC, today? This: I was in the Whole Foods market near George Washington University the other day, filled with aspiring, and aspired, federal technocrats. The seating area takes up more than half of one floor, it was packed, and open ‘til 11. Studenty/yuppie, and yuppie students. I bet […]

New American Revolution #2: Your Papers, Please

[avatar user=”admin” size=”medium” link=”http://www.AustinWashington.com” target=”_blank” /] “ID?” “Excuse me?” “May I see a picture ID, please.” “To get a copy of my own medical records?” “Yes, we require that.” There was a time, y’know (before my time, but still…sometime between horses and rockets, I think…) that there were no photos on drivers licences. Drivers licences […]

New American Revolution #1

[avatar user=”admin” size=”medium” link=”http://www.AustinWashington.com” target=”_blank” /] I find Youtube a repulsive place, that sucks in a downward direction, like a vortex in the drain of hell. But hell shouldn’t always be avoided. There was Mrs. Mucherchon in the fourth grade. She gave four hours of homework a night, and I was one of the fast […]