New American Revolution #1

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I find Youtube a repulsive place, that sucks in a downward direction, like a vortex in the drain of hell.

But hell shouldn’t always be avoided.

There was Mrs. Mucherchon in the fourth grade. She gave four hours of homework a night, and I was one of the fast students. Perhaps a bit hellish at the time, but because of her,  I ended up being able to write this. Yes, there were the years of psychotherapy dealing with a lost childhood, but a small price to pay, wouldn’t you say, for the brilliance of these words?

Some things in this world are even more hellish than Mrs. McCherchon, but without any redeeming benefit.  While of course it’s generally best to avoid hellish things, it’s also necessary to keep up with those hellish things that might bring you down with them. Thus, through the dank of Youtube I have, by necessity (and in the name of George Washington,) discovered a hell of fascism (not the perfect word, but close enough) corrupting and destroying the country he helped found.

Alongside this hell, though, I have discovered a bit of heaven, true American heroes, fighting the fight George Washington fought.

Fighting a different way, with webcams and at least one-sided non-violence, often with humor, but always for the same principles.


Today, a light dawned in my semi-fevered brow. Literally. (I’m a bit sick at the mo’, and, while stuck in front of Youtube hell, too sick to go out, this inspiration struck my pre-frontal cortex, mere inches behind my…literally…fevered brow.)

I decided to do something I’d thought I’d never do in my life.

Leave comments on Youtube.

For a reason, though.

To commend these heroes, in the name of my family and great uncle George Washington. Commend them using my words, but the ideas that these heroes, George Washington, and I, all share.

(George Washington, more or less, today…)

paragraph-separatorsmllBut, my God…

An idea is one thing. But to actually do it?

Nothing shows the depravity and almost limitless stupidity of the mass of humanity more than the people who comment on Youtube. Too dumb to make Youtube videos themselves, which is already a mind-wrenching thought, these humans with minds of pondwater and sludge dribble incoherent ideas underneath videos, like offerings of batshit before a pagan god of darkness. Mind-numbingly, frighteningly, profound stupidity of such a pure and unblemished hue that across the distance of half a universe the lightless glimmer in the eye of a typical Youtube commenter could make Einstein weep that he and they shared the same space-time continuum (relatively speaking).

Talk about Manichaean.

And yet, and yet…

I joined them.

Because some things need to be said, even in the dank dark dungeons of  Youtube-hell.


Austin Washington and his First Foray Into Youtube Hell
He Comments(!)


First, Austin comments on this (actually, in internet style, these are listed last coming first… Biblical style too, as I hazily recollect…)


My great uncle, a lot of people don’t know, early in his career – while a British officer – would execute his own soldiers for various infractions. During the Revolution, of course, he famously allowed the execution of John André to go forward, when it might have seemed, to some, ungentlemanly. He thought the principle at hand was more important than good manners towards a member of his own class.

With this as background, it is certainly arguable that George Washington today, without hesitation, would have these members of a much lower and less educated class executed for violating these citizens rights, were there a legal framework in which to do so. While George Washington, presumably begrudgingly, allowed John André’s execution, he would lose no sleep over the extermination of these so-called officers of the law, after they spit on the rights that George Washington, and the Continental Army, fought for.

Actually, he would have been tempted to do it just for the way they treated a woman. And, of course, George Washington was a great dancer. Whose side do you think he’d be on? One of George’s first claims to fame, after all – chapter something-or-other of my book – was working hard enough to become known as the best dancer in Virginia.

Although I am against the death penalty in every case, George Washington wasn’t. He lived at a time when it was pretty common, even for something like horse theft.

Personally, I’m glad things have changed.

But, to desecrate the unalienable rights referred to in Declaration of Independence on the sacred ground commemorating the very man who wrote those words, Thomas Jefferson, where this abomination happened, would surely deserve, in George Washington’s mind, today, no less a penalty than hanging. A firing squad, the death penalty reserved for men of honour, would not be considered for these jackals, especially had George Washington seen that they touched a lady without her permission.

I hope at least one of the disgraces to the blood that was shed to found this country reads this comment, has a change of heart, resigns from the Nazi party (even if he doesn’t realise he’s in it), and becomes an American.


 Before that, our hero, Austino il Magnifico, had commented on this. Wow. Cool…

Adam – if you actually see this, I want you to know that my great uncle would laugh.

For myself, I can say I can’t recall ever seeing a Youtube video more than three minutes long (okay, to be honest, I skipped some of yours, but still…) that  sustained my interest, nor one without bang-o quick editing. Yet your long unedited takes show quick wit, which is a lot more rare than quick editing.  Beyond that,  almost never has any Youtube video drawn me further and further in as it went on, making me more and more involved, and – also! – making me laugh out loud.

Yours did.

Combine all that with the virtue that you are, in this video, encouraging others to stand up for America, and, for me, at least, this video stands unique (although maybe now I’ll look at some of your others, and find more up this same alley…)

In short: Thank you.


Here, though, I found a true hero. (Sorry, “Austin” did. Wasn’t I referring to myself in the third person, above, in these italics bits? Oh well, it’s just the internet. Sloppiness prevails…)


LOL. Finally, after a seemingly endless chain of videos, as I was drawn ineluctably downward by Youtube’s algorithm (Youtube’s judgement of how it can draw you down its rabbit hole of lost time and deadened bran cells just a little bit further,) descending further from the Revolution to the Devolution, seeing more and more videos of police who are uneducated, stupid, violent (towards the constitution and fellow their citizens), a hero emerges from the sludge.
I can walk away from Youtube happy, for once.
A hero, at last…


 This is where it started. Austin’s first youtube comment. Huzzah!!!

It kind of sucks that you have to be a law student  – assuming the title of the video is literally true – to stand up for your rights. This kind of sh*t should not happen in my great uncle’s country.
Wherever George Washington is, today, I promise you he is very very angry at these anti-Americans. (Or to put it more kindly, these people too uneducated to understand why what they are doing is evil, viciously anti-American, an almost total desecration of the unalienable rights that were so hard to put into effect, and which, each day, are being eroded (as they would have been here, too, without this hero standing up for them).
(Well, come to think of it, “eroded” when someone with even more power, but no better education – for example someone in Congress, the Senate, the Presidency, or in your local government – is not busy shattering those same rights.

So, anyway,  this last comment was the first one, before I started seeing that some people are doing something about it.

Starting, ad hoc and around the land, the Second American Revolution.

Please stay in touch to help out (and to help me help out.)

Thank you. (Also buy my book, or something else on this site, please (!)




  1. Kim L says

    Genius as usual, Austin. Thank you so much for posting this.

    You know what, you should make vids that somehow convey these same ideas and philosophies, you know? Like somehow get your intelligence and insight, and make them into videos. Easier said than done, I know, but keep it up!

    I’m giving your book to my grandmother for Christmas, by the way. Everyone in my family has read it by now, my own family I mean